Co-op isometric RPG The Hopebringer permanently slashes its price in half

Enjoy early access ARPG fun for a fiver


July brought another round of MMOs You’ve Never Heard Of, one of which was The Hopebringer, a UE5-powered top-down co-op RPG from developer D.N.S.S. that offers procedurally generated dungeons to delve. The game has been in early access for three months now, and the studio is eager to keep players up-to-date on what happened in August.

Most of the changes made to the game are focused on the various monsters in the game, with a wide assortment of new monsters to face off against like harpies, a spider boss, nightblade NPCs, and new mage minibosses known as ice callers and fire bringers (guess what attacks they use). Existing monsters also got some updates that make werewolves more dangerous, skeleton captains more backstabby, and miniboss fireballs a little less painful to deal with.

Other updates made in August include changed monster spawn logic for dungeons, new special effects for items, and some overall updates to sound, localization, and the shadow map. Finally, the game’s early access price has been lowered from an already low $10 to $5.

source: Steam
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