MMOs You’ve Never Heard Of: The Hopebringer, Unyha, and Lootquest


Welcome back to another quick look at some MMORPGs and MMO-adjacent titles you’ve probably never heard of.

The Hopebringer – Let’s kick it off with a new-to-us game: It’s a top-down UE5 RPG from developer D.N.S.S. that offers both singleplayer and online co-op multiplayer with proc-gen gameplay. It’s already in early access, and it’s just 10 bucks. Most recently, the devs added a companion system, wave spawning mechanics, a new scenario, and reductions in death penalty.

Unyha – MMO blogger Bhagpuss kindly put this one on our radar; developer Real Spawn bills it as “the first-ever autochronicle online RPG” with “seasonal multiplayer.” It’s driven by what the studio calls Autochronicle AI, focused on seasons from two to four months, during which your character “ages from young to death.” Come the next season, you play a descendant of your earlier character, bolstered by your family name and rep. Unyha is obviously deep in development – its last official dev blog was back in November 2022, and the Discord isn’t much busier.

Lootquest – MOP reader Peter put Lootquest on our radar, and folks who enjoy the exercise elements of mobile MMOARGs but don’t want to deal with the Niantics of the world may be intrigued by this one. Developer Out of This World characterizes it as a mobile RPG experience to spice up your walks, and right now it’s in closed test, though it’s aiming for a F2P launch on both Android and iOS in Q4 of this year. The catch is that the current test phase doesn’t have multiplayer, but it’s apparently something the devs are hoping to add.

“The current Beta Version of the Game has no Multiplayer features,” developer Nils Bartels told me while I was nosing around his very friendly Discord. “Depending on the upcoming Beta Tester Feedback, we will evaluate the type of Multiplayer features we are going to add. Possible features might be: Leaderboards, Guilds, World bosses, Strongholds. If we are going to add Multiplayer Features, we want to know from the community what they should be. But, we would love to have multiplayer features.”

Drop us a note with more new, obscure, or forgotten titles we should have a look at!

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