Albion Online’s July challenge brings back spooky rewards as SBI tweaks combat balance


It’s not even close to Halloween yet, but Albion Online is feeling spooky this month, as its July challenge theme is all about the undead. And the color green. Evil ghosties are always lime-colored, you see.

The Undead Challenge once again tasks players with earning challenge points by gathering, farming, fishing, and killing monsters, all in the hopes of completing challenge goals and reaping returning rewards like a skeletal avatar ring, spooky furnishings, undead vanity skins, and the ghostly Spectral Direboar mount that lets players turn into a specter themselves while riding it.┬áIt’s precisely the same thing that the sandbox MMORPG has run in years past, but for those who missed out on a ghost piggie before, there’s another chance this year.

In the meantime, Sandbox has rolled out Beyond the Veil patch 11, which tweaks casting bar settings, nametags, controllers, and combat balance.

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