Albion Online’s latest update updates Crystal League, rebalances magic staff skills


Sandbox Interactive has unleashed its latest Albion Online update, the second since Into the Fray went live. The latest tweaks once again touch on changes for Crystal League PvP.

“Time slots for Crystal League battles have been updated with this patch, for non-lethal 5v5 and for Levels 1-3 20v20. Level 2 and 3 tokens for both the Lethal and non-Lethal League can once again be purchased from the Energy Manipulator, and old Level 2 and 3 tokens can be used again. Season-bound Level 2 and 3 tokens can be salvaged for their Silver purchase price, while Level 4 and 5 tokens are tradable again.”

The studio has also allowed more bulk purchasing, reduced annoying sounds, showed more useful stats on the UI and maps, and rebalanced a few of the retooled magic staff skills.

In other Albion Online news, Friday kicked off the game’s latest monthly challenge; this month’s completion reward is a sweet spectral direboar.

Source: Patch notes
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