Final Fantasy XIV fans recreate the Grand Theft Auto VI trailer in the game

Statice got a gun.

In Final Fantasy XIV, at no point do jack someone’s sweet ride before evading the po-po because you robbed a bank. You do sort of do some of those things, but not in that sequence. But that’s no reason not to pay homage to the new trailer for Grand Theft Auto VI in the game, right? Creator Meoni clearly thought so, and together with a bunch of creative and enterprising friends the result is… yes, a solid and dedicated recreation of what you see in the trailer.

Obviously, the game engine does not allow for a full recreation, since even if you’re driving the game’s car mount, there is no ability to actually drift, and you are not really in Vice City. But it’s intensely creative and impressive in how close it manages to get for most of the shots. Plus, you don’t have to wonder how long it’ll be before you can play FFXIV on your PC as well as your PlayStation 5. Check out the full trailer just below.

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