Destiny 2 actor Lance Reddick was an active player of the game right before his passing


It would be easy to assume that actors of pathos who are part of a video game’s voice cast would simply get into the recording studio, put down their lines, and ignore the project after the fact. That was not the case for Lance Reddick, the voice of Destiny 2’s Commander Zavala, who tragically passed away of natural causes last week and was an active player of the looter shooter right before his death.

One fan of the shooter noted how Reddick was in-game the night before his passing, while another player noted that he had finished nearly every mission in the Lightfall campaign, with only the final battle against Calus remaining.

A Polygon interview with Reddick from last year also points out that he was in an active clan and very much a part of the endgame grind. “[A]s time goes on I kind of forget about the story and just focus on powering up and getting cool weapons and grinding through playlists,” Reddick said in the piece. “At the end of the day, I’m just a big fan who also happens to voice one of the characters.”

The outpouring of support from the Destiny 2 fanbase was acknowledged by Reddick’s wife on his Twitter account, along with a suggestion for fans of the actor to a charity based in his hometown of Baltimore. “[T]o the thousands of Destiny who played in special tribute to Lance, thank you,” reads the statement. “Lance loved you as much as he loved the game.”

sources: Reddit, Twitter (1, 2), and Polygon via Kotaku
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