Hamilton Simulator lets Roblox players defeat the British with official songs from the musical


If anyone had “popular musical Hamilton officially claps hands with Roblox” on their bingo card, mark off a space now because that’s literally what Hamilton Simulator is: a 10 level-long game that sees players battling the British during the American Revolution with the power of rap songs from the musical.

This Roblox game, designed by Super League and Small World Games and officially approved by composer Lin-Manuel Miranda himself, sees players moving through eight different locations from the musical, all while gathering coins from defeated Redcoats and using them to unlock 15 different members of the cast that bring special abilities in the music-centric fights. And yes, this means that the game doesn’t require any Robux to play.

The general intent of Hamilton Simulator, according to Super League president and CCO Matt Edelman, is to “create a fun experience for this community and by doing so, introduce them to ‘Hamilton’ if they don’t already know it, or to honor and inspire the passion that they have if they’re already fans.”

The game currently stops at the mid-way point of the musical, but the creators are looking forward to expanding the experience further over the coming months. In the meantime, this thing really and truly exists.

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