Rumor: Throne & Liberty has been delayed to fall 2023, CBT arrives in May


Korean media are reporting today that NCsoft’s Throne & Liberty has been delayed yet again, though of course since we’ve been waiting since 2014 and lost count of all the delays and renames along the way, it may not even shock anyone now, especially since analysts were already speculating about it a few weeks ago.

Korea’s Money Today News claims that following a “fierce debate” inside the NCsoft offices, the presumed May release has been pushed off to October, chiefly to avoid Diablo IV’s launch and to shore up release efforts with Amazon. It also notes that NCsoft replaced T&L’s business leader, who held a joint Amazon meeting yesterday (which is where we assume all these leaks came from).

If Korea media are accurate here, NCsoft and Amazon will launch the game globally together to “[reduce] the gap in terms of service as much as possible.” A beta test is now expected in May, and of course we’re still awaiting clarity on the game’s business model anyway, though MTN speculates it might adopt some Lineage-esque traits to go with its Lineage-esque provenance.

MTN has a quote from NCsoft PR that doesn’t exactly confirm the reporting but does say that the studio will outline the game’s schedule in the first quarter earnings call and that it’s still working with Amazon on the global release.

Source: MTN via Reddit, Discord
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