World of Warships announces a collab with Popeye the Sailor Man in support of World Ocean Month


What happens when a charitable initiative, a spinach-eating sailor man, and World of Warships collide? One of the weirder yet more wholesome transmedia synergy team-ups in recent memory, as the online naval battler and Popeye the Sailor Man are creating a charitable bundle for June’s World Ocean Month.

This yet-to-be-released charitable bundle for WoWS will grant players in-game commanders Popeye and Bluto, complete with their own unique voiceovers, two flags, and a unique camouflage for the Tier VII USS Colorado. The bundle’s release details, as well as the charity organization that purchases of said bundle will benefit, is set to be announced by Wargaming in the future.

If the combination of Popeye and ocean health awareness seems strange to you, it probably shouldn’t, as the character has been used to advocate cleaner seas as far back as 2020, when he was used to represent the SeaCleaners organization. Pair that with Warships’ general setting and suddenly this upcoming collab doesn’t seem quite so strange.

source: press release
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