Old School RuneScape outlines Sailing skill’s upcoming multi-month player feedback steps


Regular fans and followers of Old School RuneScape already know that Jagex likes to design new things by committee – aka through reams and reams of player polling – and the upcoming Sailing skill is definitely no exception as the devs have offered several polling steps to gather feedback and make the skill come to eventual life.

Jagex is planning four blog posts over the course of May and Junes that will break down the skill’s gameplay loops, navigation systems and map scale, rewards, and lore integration, which will all have polls opened for players to share their two cents. Before then, players have some poll choices to share initial feelings about Sailing and its refinement process now, which will lead into a follow-up post to discuss those results in early May, and a final refinement breakdown will be shared in mid-July. Basically, OSRS players who love clicking radial buttons are going to have a busy couple of months.

Meanwhile in RuneScape, the latest weekly newsletter announces a code giveaway for an armored unicorn pet and several other consumables, and also shares a “spring cleaning” patch to spruce up its latest quest, skills, engine, and more.

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