RuneScape launches its Unwelcome Guests quest, Old School RuneScape players want to go sailing


If you have unwelcome guests, the best practice is to not wield medieval weaponry at them in order to make them go away, but in the world of RuneScape that reaction is definitely the correct one, particularly since the guests in question are undead monsters who want to hurt you.

Unwelcome Guests are the target and the title of the MMORPG’s newest quest in the Fort Forinthry line out this week, which will invite players to build a buff-granting guardhouse in their fort and then use their Slayer skills to take on four new undead targets. Players can also take on challenges to earn more Slayer points, and some new loot is being included such as a new greater sonic wave ability codex. Players can get all of the salient details and the usual weekly patch notes in the game’s regular newsletter.

Speaking of skills, players of Old School RuneScape have put in their votes for the game’s next skill, with Sailing ending up as the winnerby a small margin as Shamanism got a very close second. To that point, the devs will work on introducing Shamanism later, but for now Sailing will be a primary focus. Further details on how this skill’s mechanics will work will be shared in a future post.

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