Old School RuneScape celebrates Easter and opens new skill polls as Jagex accounts enters open beta


The Easter season is now available to Old School RuneScape players with this week’s patch, and this year’s event is a bit different thanks to a new quest line that tasks players with finding the Easter Bunny’s chocolate egg mold. The event quest begins in Varrock and will involve players sleuthing their way to the mold’s location by speaking with Gertrude’s pesky children. For those who find the item, some promised “egg-citing fashionscape” awaits, as well as a new deadly weapon and some new headwear.

Other pieces of content in this patch include further bounty hunter beta adjustments and another list of gameplay changes targeting items, music track bugs, and more. Last but not least, polling for the three new skills that Jagex floated last week is now open to let players decide what new skill should arrive to the MMORPG.

In other RuneScape news, Jagex launched the open beta of its bespoke account system for players of both games, which the studio lauds as much more secure and more convenient. As for RuneScape proper, some of the game worlds will be going dark on March 6th for a quick restart. Downtime shouldn’t be more than a few minutes.

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