Warframe has opened up its physical ticket sales for TennoCon

And the tickets are going fast

Ah, that explains it.

There’s no game out there quite like Warframe with its uniquely baroque and futuristic style, and that means there’s no physical convention quite like TennoCon. The event is occurring on August 26th in London, Ontario, and the tickets for it went on sale at 2:00 p.m. EDT. As of this writing… those tickets are going fast, at least if you were looking at the more expensive tickets. Both the VIP and Legendary tickets are already sold out as of this writing, leaving only the standard and Collector’s ticket available.

It’s worth noting that only 75 VIP tickets and 1 Legendary ticket were available, so it is perhaps not surprising that they didn’t take long to sell out even considering their high prices. Still, if you want to attend in style you might want to get your tickets sooner rather than later. A digital pack is also planned for sale in May, so if you either cannot or do not wish to attend in person you can still get something out of it… but those physical tickets are there now, and they’re not infinite.

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