Fortnite’s newest patch kicks off the battle royale’s collab with Attack on Titan


Attack on Titan is the latest anime universe to wriggle its way into the battle royale world of Fortnite. The shooter’s newest patch has plopped some character skins and weapons from the series on to the island, just in case players wanted to dress up like jacket-wearing slayers of enormous human-eating horrors.

Several pieces of the anime have been sprinkled throughout the game, like an Erin Jaeger character skin, referential emotes, and sprays in the battle pass; the addition of ODM Gear in chests around the island; titan targets to hunt; and a Jaeger’s family basement location hidden somewhere in Anvil Square. Attack on Titan is also hanging out in the game’s cash shop with Captain Levi and Mikasa Ackermann outfits available for purchase.

The new patch does have a few other things that aren’t anime-related, such as the unvaulting of dirt bikes, a few balance tweaks, and a pair of bug fixes, but for the most part this update is all about the anime again.

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