Tower of Fantasy launches its new Evangelion crossover content March 12

Soon, the worlds of Evangelion and Tower of Fantasy will cross over into one another for a mecha-piloting, angel-punching good time. Update 3.7: Evangelion...

Minecraft claps hands with H&R Block to premiere a ‘tax-themed gaming experience’ February 3

Nobody likes doing taxes - heck, we're pretty sure that CPAs don't like doing taxes and it's their literal job - so it's really...

Final Fantasy XIV and Insert Coin collab to release a jacket styled after the Samurai class

Do you love the Samurai job in Final Fantasy XIV? Does seeing its job stone symbol make your heart sing? Are you willing to...

SMITE and RuneScape renew their collaboration with new and returning hero skins

Last November saw the unlikely combination of RuneScape and SMITE in a collaborative event that featured several members of the MOBA roster done up...

Amazon Prime’s exclusive Fallout TV series confirms a premiere date of April 12 next year

Over the past couple of years we've been keeping track of the upcoming TV series based around Fallout, which was first confirmed in 2020...

Transmedia madness roundup: PUBG’s KFC collab, Animal Crossing’s LEGO figs, and Roblox’s Barbie experience

The strange bedfellows made of game studios and other brands has been A Thing for a while - we've even made a whole Golden...

Fae Farm launches cross-promos with fast food and grocery chains, heralds strong initial sales

Any game is happy to herald that it's doing big things, but how many of those games are eager to announce partnerships with Dippin...
The world only needs one Transformer and one Big Boss.

Rocket League announces a Transformers crossover featuring Bumblebee and that’s it

It seems like Transformers would be a pretty big asset in a match of Rocket League, what with the whole "cars that turn into...

Korea Tourism Board uses Black Desert’s upcoming Land of the Morning Light as ad campaign theme

We all know that Black Desert is a Korean MMORPG. We also know that the Land of the Morning Light update is on its...

SMITE introduces Ix Chel the Light Weaver and kicks off a G.I. Joe collaboration in latest patch

The MOBA SMITE continues to pull from '80s and '90s cartoon antiquity with its latest update. This time around, it's launching a collaboration event...

Fortnite’s newest patch kicks off the battle royale’s collab with Attack on Titan

Attack on Titan is the latest anime universe to wriggle its way into the battle royale world of Fortnite. The shooter's newest patch has...

Overwatch 2 launches a cosmetics-filled collab with One Punch Man anime

"Mom, I want to play Fortnite!" "Why is that, Bobby-Sue?" "Because it has all sorts of cool anime characters in it!" Mom holds up a new trailer...

World of Warships introduces a limited-time event and special ship packs to celebrate Godzilla vs. Kong

So what would happen if Godzilla and King Kong didn't slug it out kaiju-to-kaiju and instead joined their country's respective navies and commanded battleships...
Does anyone know what this game is about, I can't decipher it.

Wakfu releases the second part of the island of Kelba

The island of Kelba is not a relaxing island vacation for Wakfu players. Instead, it's a place for players to meet and take on...