SMITE and RuneScape renew their collaboration with new and returning hero skins


Last November saw the unlikely combination of RuneScape and SMITE in a collaborative event that featured several members of the MOBA roster done up in low-poly style. Apparently that crossover was popular enough that Hi-Rez Studios and Jagex are doing it again, bringing back previous skins and adding three new ones for players to either earn or buy.

The new skins in question are General Graardor Ymir, Black Plate Bellona, and Sandwich Lady Amaterasu (who should totally be in a questing party with Bread Girl). The associated RS-themed event also brings back skill capes that can be worn by any character in the game, though unlocking capes is tied to earned achievements within the MOBA, much as skill capes are in the old-school MMORPG. The patch has also made its usual slate of bug fixes and hero adjustments, so if you’re not really big on the cross-promo, there’s probably still something to look forward to.

On the subject of RuneScape doing somewhat unique things, the classic MMORPG is getting an official cookbook. The book features over 50 different recipes that range from savory to sweet, with multiple references to events and dining locations from within the world of Gielinor, and each copy of the book features a code for a chef’s outfit cosmetic for use in-game. Pre-orders are available now and the book is set to publish in April of next year.

sources: press releases, SMITE site
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