Vanguard: Saga of Heroes emulator continues to improve, but it’s still in alpha


It’s been a year-plus since we last checked in with the Vanguard: Saga of Heroes rogue server project. Since it’s been a while, there are some questions that bubble up: Is this project still operating? Has progress been made? Is there a community building around the revival of Brad McQuaid’s famous — and infamous — MMORPG?

While it’s still in an alpha state, the good news is that the Vanguard emulator project is still being worked on every day. The Discord shows fans trickling in on a daily basis and the volunteer team working to restore the MMO. Some of the recent advancements to the emulator include Tier 2 crafting, improving the Tomb of Lord Tsang, and fleshing out the Tanvu region (or “chunk”).

It makes sense that this same community is also keeping an eye on two upcoming MMOs: Pantheon (of course, considering the McQuaid connection) and Monsters & Memories.

Source: Vanguard Emulator Players. Thanks Jack!
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