Rocket League announces a Transformers crossover featuring Bumblebee and that’s it

The world only needs one Transformer and one Big Boss.

It seems like Transformers would be a pretty big asset in a match of Rocket League, what with the whole “cars that turn into robots” thing even before you add in the “with missile launchers and guns and swords” part. However, Rocket League’s crossover with Transformers does not allow you to transform mid-match. It does let you transform after the match to celebrate victory with Bumblebee and…

Well, actually, that’s it. Just Bumblebee. Are there Transformers other than Bumblebee? We don’t know. Frankly, we don’t want to know. Oh, wait, there’s also Optimus Prime; he shows up for the Optimus Prime Goal Explosion. It’s all in the Transformers Pack, although it’s really more like the Bumblebee Pack Featuring Optimus Prime when you get right down to it. But, hey, are there really other Transformers who turn into cars? It feels like we’d know one or two of them.

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