Diablo Immortal brings a new zone, Inferno difficulty, hearthrot demons, and combat stances today


Today, June 15th, is marking a pretty sizeable content drop for Diablo Immortal in the form of the Destruction’s Wake update, which will introduce a new area, a new difficulty, new threats, and some gameplay mechanic updates, among other features.

Leading the charge is the introduction of the Ancients’ Cradle zone, complete with eight new quests and some new threats to face down. Speaking of threats, the game is also introducing Inferno difficulty, with successive stages of the challenge tier requiring players take down new hearthrot demons. These new terrors can also be faced in the Helliquary Gauntlet.

Not only will Inferno add fresh bosses to fight, it will also open up the combat stances feature, which lets all classes take an offense and defense stance, complete with unique passive bonuses, equipment loadouts, and gem sockets. And while we’re on the subject of gems, Destruction’s Wake will also add three new legendary gems.

On top of these features, the patch launches limited-time PvE and PvP events, reruns some previous events, brings back the recruit-a-friend program, and adds new skills and items. The patch notes provide plenty of specific details, while the video below provides a general overview.

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