Not So Massively Roundup: Among Us’ 5th birthday, GTAO Mercs, & betas for The Finals and The First Descendant


Welcome back to a quick Not So Massively roundup of MMO-adjacent multiplayer titles with new info this week!

First, Grand Theft Auto Online reared its head this week with the San Andreas Mercenaries update that sends players to “take down Merryweather Security in Project Overthrow – an all-new set of missions spanning the streets, skies, and seas of Los Santos – plus, new private contract work to put your smuggler skillset to good use in Los Santos Angels Operations.” There’s also a stolen-car-trunk-full of quality-of-life updates for vehicles, the UI, vendoring, sprinting, careers, and the creator tool.

Nexon’s “next-generation third person looter shooter” The First Descendant got a new trailer at Xbox Games Showcase Extended. The game is currently set for a crossplay beta starting August 22nd, and you can already sign up.

Nexon’s other shooter, The Finals, also dropped news this week. Run by Embark Studios, this one’s described as a “dynamic team-based ultimate combat game show,” and it’s also heading into beta – its second to date. “Most of the changes we’re introducing in this closed beta are under-the-hood type improvements, based on some of the key feedback we got from previous testing, related to performance, the through-the-gun experience, movement, and more,” the studio says. Signup is through Steam.

Finally, Among Us, still popular with the tween set, is turning five years old with a celebration that includes impostor-shaped piΓ±atas and pizza-cake, natch. There’s also a cutesy collab, UI tweaks, and birthday cosmetics – yes, a free party hat tomorrow too.

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