SMITE introduces Ix Chel the Light Weaver and kicks off a G.I. Joe collaboration in latest patch


The MOBA SMITE continues to pull from ’80s and ’90s cartoon antiquity with its latest update. This time around, it’s launching a collaboration event with G.I. Joe, dressing up several characters of the game’s roster as Cobra Commander, the Baroness, Duke, and others from the long-running animated series (of toy advertisements).

To celebrate the crossover, the game is also giving away a Joe-themed cosmetics bundle to Prime Gaming subscribers. In both cases, sadly, there is no Destro. Destro was always cool.

There is more than the Joes and Cobra in the mix however, as the update’s main attraction is Ix Chel the Light Weaver, a character who uses beams of light energy and the power of rainbows to heal allies or harm foes.

On top of the new character goodies, this patch walks back some of the faster XP earnings that were introduced in the last update, tweaks the blue buff to improve solo lane play, and applies a major nerfing to penetration percentage in order to balance late-game burst DPS and anti-tank stats. Several items have also been adjusted in the update, a host of bug fixes are applied, and a round of character balance tweaks have been made.

The patch is set to go live today, April 18th, with maintenance currently ongoing at the time of this writing. In the meantime, there are patch notes to read and videos to watch.

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