War Thunder blasts two new soundtrack albums at our defenseless eardrums


You know what online game has a vastly underrated soundtrack? War Thunder. And I’m not even joking here. Just give “Advance Australia,” “Angels of Vengeance,” or “Beyond the Precipice” if you don’t believe me. Some really good stuff in this score.

And for those of us who appreciate the sweeping military soundtrack of this game, we’ll be delighted to dive into another official release. Actually, two album releases: Air Forces vol. 2 and Ground Forces vol.2. These are available on Amazon Music, Apple Music, and Spotify.

“These albums include 20 tracks added to the game in the Apex Predators update that serve as background music when Cold War-era or modern ground and air military vehicles clash in the game,” Gaijin said in a press release.

If this music appeals, make sure you check out the Battle Bards podcast, the biggest and also only MMO music podcast anywhere.

Source: Press release
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