Old School RuneScape opens a refreshed salon, pauses Desert Treasure II beta, and closes fresh start worlds


Getting a new hairstyle can often feel like a nice little refresh of your MMORPG character, and now players of Old School RuneScape can enjoy the sensation of this reset button with some improvements to its makeover system at a new salon location, which features several new hairstyles, a proliferation of existing hairstyles across all models, and a better UI for it all. Best of all, these new services are totally free.

In other OSRS news, Jagex has ended the beta testing for its Desert Treasure II quest line rewards for the time being, and it looks like lots of updates are planned for another beta round in May after the devs complete a personal game jam and enjoy a bank holiday. “[W]e don’t feel we’re in a position to make significant changes to the rewards in beta, and it’s clear that significant changes are needed to get these rewards into a healthier spot,” the post admits.

Also closing up this week is the MMORPG’s fresh start worlds, which means characters built on those worlds will now automatically be transferred into the main game. Incidentally, players who had outstanding grand exchange trades on these worlds can log in to specific servers to reclaim their items, but they’ll have to do so before migrating from a fresh start world to a regular world.

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