Wakfu releases the second part of the island of Kelba

Does anyone know what this game is about, I can't decipher it.

The island of Kelba is not a relaxing island vacation for Wakfu players. Instead, it’s a place for players to meet and take on some of the characters from the title’s connected television show and comic books. In the second part of the island region, players take on a villain from the first season of the show, far more capable and dangerous than he was shown to be when first encountered.

Kelba hosts a new dungeon for players to face off against the villainous Black Crow and ultimately reveal his identity as they seek out a powerful artifact hidden on the island. There are also more lore characters to be found on the island, culminating in a surprise hidden from all those who haven’t completed the adventure. So jump on over to Kelba to find out who’s hidden in the depths.

[Source: Ankama press release]
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