World of Warships introduces a limited-time event and special ship packs to celebrate Godzilla vs. Kong

Just in case you've ever dreamed of using Godzilla as a ship commander


So what would happen if Godzilla and King Kong didn’t slug it out kaiju-to-kaiju and instead joined their country’s respective navies and commanded battleships instead? This is, effectively, the scenario that sets up the latest limited-time event in World of Warships. Because Wargaming will enter into a transmedia contract with pretty much everyone and somehow make it stick.

The in-game event involves players joining either Team Kong or Team Godzilla to unlock a special chain of combat missions, earning rewards for completing each stage like Ultimate Guardian or Ultimate Titan camouflages. For those who complete the chain, there’s the Two Titans – One King container reward waiting at the end, which contains Kong and Godzilla ship commanders, each with 10,000 skill points and unique voiceovers, themed camouflages for the US’s North Carolina and Japan’s Amagi, and a variety of other goodies. For those who would rather not grind out the mission chain but still want a huge laser lizard as a ship commander, there are bundles to purchase as well.

The event will run from now until Monday, May 31st. There’s a trailer and a gallery of images below; try not to think too hard about how Godzilla is… um… mounting his battleship.

source: press release

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Ok so this does actually make sense given some, uh, things that happened in the movie without giving anything away. Yes it sounds strange but it’s an action movie with massive giant mythical creatures so it’s anything goes I guess. It was actually a fun movie if anyone’s looking for something easy to watch. Edit: I saw it when they had it on HBO Max for a bit.

Hirku Two

Yeesh, those bundle prices make Blizzard look like amateurs.

Ardra Diva

It’s a fun game. There’s something incredibly satisfying about seeing a behemoth of steel struck and sunk by multiple torpedoes, and racing into almost certain death to get in range with a destroyer is an adrenalin rush. The sinking animations are excellent too. Sometimes I queue up Celine Dion’s “my heart will go on” and play it as i watch my ship sink beneath the waves, laughing my butt off. :)

Jim Bergevin Jr

I enjoy the game as well, but these cross promotions are just stupid af. I’d rather see more historical promotions, like the one captain they did not too long ago.