Tower of Fantasy launches its new Evangelion crossover content March 12


Soon, the worlds of Evangelion and Tower of Fantasy will cross over into one another for a mecha-piloting, angel-punching good time. Update 3.7: Evangelion Fantasy, the crossover that was first announced this past December, has finally gotten full details, including a release date of Tuesday, March 12th.

“When the arrival of the 4th and 10th Angels from the rift shatters the peace in Vera and invading Angels are spotted outside of Mirroria, three Evangelion outsiders, who are in control of Multipurpose Humanoid Decisive Weapons, team up with Vera Guardians and the Executor to engage in an all-out battle against the creatures.”

In this unique crossover quest, players will get the opportunity to pilot a unique mecha to fight the encroaching angel threat alongside some of the more famous Evangelion units, while being backed by new hover vehicles known as Soul Plugs, a new combat companion known as Pen Pen, and the Evangelion character Asuka Shikinami Langley, who will be a new simulacrum character.

This unique blending of TOF and Evangelion will be coming soon, but fans can get a sneak peek with this dramatic new trailer below.

source: press release
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