Tower of Fantasy readies a new content update December 21 and an Evangelion crossover in 2024


Next week will see more more arrive to the shared world RPG of Tower of Fantasy, as the Electrifying Winter Rhapsody update will arrive on Thursday, December 21st, with a new character, new story, and a new event for players to enjoy.

The main attraction for this update will be the addition of Yan Miao and her weapon Equilibrium, which is less like a single weapon and more like a collection of fast-moving, floaty daggers. The update will also release a second Simulacrum, Brevey, on January 9th.

Another major feature is a winter festival event at the Oasis Club in Mirroria, where players can look forward to special winter rewards and winter-themed challenges to ring in the new year. There will also be a new boss to fight and some new main story questing to be had in Domain 9, which will be focused around researching a Darkform and solving the puzzle around the Omnium reactor at the Infinite Sundial.

After this content lands in December, the next year of TOF will start off with a bang as a crossover event with Evangelion will arrive to the game world. Players can expect visits from legendary characters from the series as well as the Eva Test Type-01 mecha suit alongside unique quests, limited-time Simulacrums, plots, outfits, and customized vehicles. Just be sure to cue the music.

source: press releases
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