Mad World’s new game guide teases pets, gear, and ‘Mad Pass’ monetization


We’re just a few weeks away from the release of Mad World – 11 days for folks who’ve preordered and secured access to the earliest headstart phase. So what’s a gamer to do in the meantime? Memorize the website, of course. Last week, Jandisoft announced a game guide with six parts (so far) to peruse:

  • a walkthrough of the game’s cash shop, which apparently includes currencies, leveling packages, inventory boosts, costumes, and the “Mad Pass,” which appears to be a battlepass or mini-subscription that spans seasons;
  • a walkthrough of the “phantom sphere crystallization” system, which is so vague that it’s not immediately clear whether it’s a gacha system or basic cosmetics;
  • a walkthrough of the egg incubation system, which translates to hatching pets;
  • a rundown of the armor, weapon, and accessory layout of the game, from gear classes and stats to crafting, dismantling, and enhancing gear;
  • an introduction to “potentials,” which is pretty much a Path of Exile-style trait/spec galaxy;
  • and a quick look at how pets work after they’re hatched.

The guide is flagged “game guide 1,” so maybe we can expect another round.

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