Korean Elyon fans have already created a rogue server of the shuttered MMORPG


Fans of Elyon in both Korea and the west were basically being kicked out of the MMORPG by Kakao Games, with a December sunset in our portion of the globe and a closure of the game on March 3rd in Korea. That impending end has apparently motivated Korean fans to put together a rogue server known as iElyon, which is now in a public beta release.

The project in question appears to have been started as far back as last August according to an account registration notice and an announcement about 999,999 free “Mall Points” when an account is registered. The server appears to have gone fully online on February 3rd in Korea, followed by the aforementioned public beta release for NA and EU players last week.

The rogue server is already drawing a small crowd in Discord, with players appearing to be generally happy with how things are running, particularly since there are some boosts going on. Still, we might advise some caution as the operators of the server are apparently monetizing the emu, so it’s entirely possible this operation will draw Kakao’s ire, to say nothing of how generally unsafe granting card details to some rogue server randos can be. Still, if you genuinely missed Elyon, there is a haven now.

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