SWG Legends launches Empire Day, plus check out this player’s amazing Star Wars Galaxies swag collection


As promised, Star Wars Galaxies rogue server SWG Legends has kicked off its summer-anniversary-4th-of-July combo event this week, sending players to Theed or Coronet, depending on their allegiance to the Empire or Alliance, for badges, titles, questing, and loot.

The patch notes include a wide range of changes, including a full redo of the royal palace in Theed, a facelift for Mara Jade (yes), new event vendor loot (with new Leia outfits finally in the game), new ship schematics, a revamp of the pilot tree that allows the flying of more ships earlier, and quite a lot of tweaks to existing ships and space missiles – space players are going to be thrilled. The veteran reward system has also been completely overhauled: “The large majority of items earned through the previous system will now be acquired through gameplay methods such as quests, vendors, and loot drops.”

In other Star Wars Galaxies news, here’s a fun post from a gamer named Tosteto, who has the largest SWG-specific collection we’ve ever seen. He kindly posted it to Twitter and Reddit, with dozens of magazines, game guides, boxes, and swag; the standee, he notes, was the most expensive. Fun fact: Tosteto says he didn’t play SWG at launch (started in 2005) and didn’t start collecting until after the sunset in 2011. The perfect post since the game is celebrating its 20th birthday next week.

Source: SWGL, Twitter, Reddit
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