Destiny 2 applies mid-season balance adjustments for weapons and kicks off the Bungie Day charity drive


We are officially at the mid-season point of Destiny 2, and that means it’s time for Bungie to mess with the shooter’s guns and make people cry. Or make them cheer. It’s really dependent on what kinds of weapons players use, honestly.

The announcement opens with some general weapon archetype adjustments like a slight auto-aim angle reduction for pulse rifles, a buff to lightweight bow range, visual clarity for the Shayura’s Wrath ADS dynamic reticle, and a reduced shot spread for lightweight shotguns. The post also outlines a significant nerfing for the Graviton Lance exotic, lowered auto-aim penalties for the Gutshot Straight and Slickdraw perks, and a fix for the Fighting Lion exotic’s perk, among other things.

The post closes with future balance plans, including “a substantial shakeup” to weapon zoom arriving in Season 22 and a focus on glaives in Season 23. More details on Season 22’s tweaks are promised later, but Bungie is going to introduce what it calls “range compression,” with the goal of reducing optimal range variance for several weapon types and making multiple falloff adjustments for weapons in Crucible.

Meanwhile, this week marks the beginning of the Bungie Day Giving Festival event that benefits the Little Lights program, Direct Relief, and College Success Foundation. The event offers multiple goodies for donations, features an in-game fishing derby running today, July 7th, kicks off a first-ever emblem design contest, and launches sales in its merch store (which incidentally helps the charitable Bungie Foundation). And of course, now we’re looking forward to the game’s next big thing:

sources: official site, press release
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