World of Warcraft introduces new charity pets to support BlueCheck Ukraine

Bork, bork, allow independent nations to retain their sovereign territory, bork!

If you want to support Ukraine in its continued crisis defending itself against a Russian invasion that has done immense damage to the country, That’s a good thing. If you’re even more motivated to do so with the offer of a pet in World of Warcraft, hey, the important thing is that it gets you there. Blizzard has teamed up with BlueCheck Ukraine to promote two new pets available as a charity bundle now, with actress Mila Kunis serving as a spokeswoman for the bundle.

Players of WoW Classic will get Flurky, a murloc holding a sunflower (the national flower of Ukraine), while retail players gain a golden retriever named Sunny with armor to resemble the colors of Ukraine’s flag. The bundle costs $20, and as is usual for these bundles all proceeds will be donated to the partnered charity of BlueCheck Ukraine. So you get to feel good about helping people and you get a new pet in a video game. That’s not nothing.

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