Pirates Online rogue server operators open an archive that preserves assets from Pirates of the Caribbean Online


The history of Pirates of the Caribbean Online is one that’s about as unique as making an entire MMO out of a Disney theme park ride could possibly be, ending with players opening the The Legend of Pirates Online rogue server that took the original game’s source code and even added new items on top. If you happen to be curious about that history or are looking to check out a sort of digital museum of both MMOs, then you might be interested in the Pirates Online Preservation Project.

This newly opened website, operated from the devs of the rogue server, collects an archive of concept art, design documents, promotional material, and more from both POTCO and TLOPO. Some of the goodies gathered in the original MMO’s archive include classic ads, newsletters, concept artwork of never-released features, and a document detailing a cutscene among other things.

While the site itself only opened this past weekend, the server operators promise that new things will be added to the archive daily between now and September 19th, so there’s clearly a wealth of materials to share and another fascinating method of games preservation to check out.

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