ZeroSpace Kickstarter promises a ‘cinematic RTS’ that weaves a sci-fi epic and massively multiplayer galactic warfare


Assuming one takes the elevator pitch of ZeroSpace at face value, this game could be flipping all of the RTS gamer switches: It promises a large sci-fi epic, a massive galaxy to explore, and multiple modes ranging from small-scale to thousands of players, either co-op or PvP. And those promises are enough to see the game’s Kickstarter meet its $100K ask in just seven hours.

ZeroSpace comes from indie firm Starlance Studios, whose developers include several RTS and StarCraft II influencers and esports pros, including former pro players CatZ and Scarlett, YouTuber and custom campaign community manager Grant, and SC2 mod maker Maguro, all of whom have taken up lead development positions for the game.

As for ZeroSpace’s gameplay, players can select from four base-building main factions and six non-base-building mercenary factions, each promising their own distinct style of play. Game modes planned for the RTS are robust indeed, including the aforementioned narrative campaign, co-op missions where three players join together against AI, a primary versus competitive mode with rankings and leaderboards, and plans for a galactic warfare mode that features “a galactic sized tug of war that is set on a persistent galaxy map that hosts thousands of players” in either co-op or competitive battles.

It’s here we point out that this mode is a stretch goal and one that isn’t even on the campaign’s list of funding hallmarks yet; the game has made its first $175K goal to make animated unit portraits and unique team colors, while its next stretch goal at $250K will bring more cinematics, a new hero, and romance options for the campaign. Even so, with a month left in its crowdfunding drive, it would seem that the sky is the limit for this one, if not its promises.

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