EVE Online leverages its PLEX for Good charitable drive to aid earthquake victims in Turkiye and Syria


The list of MMO companies coming to the aid of those in Turkiye and Syria who were devastated by earthquakes earlier this week has grown by one more: EVE Online has activated its PLEX for Good charitable initiative to let players provide their in-game PLEX to be transformed into a real-world money donation.

This charity drive will run between now and February 21st and will currently benefit Doctors Without Borders and AHBAP, though CCP Games is open to other suggestions from the community about where the money is best sent. Players are being asked to make a minimum donation of 200 PLEX if they can, while instructions on how the whole thing works are detailed on the announcement page, whether it’s providing PLEX or making a direct real-money donation.

In other EVE Online news, the game has put forth its economic report for January 2023, shared news of special guests coming to this year’s EVE Fanfest, and posted an in-game news bulletin regarding the construction of a republic stellar transmuter in the Barkrik system.

sources: official site (1, 2, 3), Twitter
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