Toontown Rewritten’s fan festival will host original Toontown Online devs on panel


At the top of the year, we shared the news of an in-person return for ToonFest, a fan festival for Toontown Online that is being run by the operators of the emulator Toontown Rewritten. At the time, the announcement heralded plenty of things for fans of the game to look forward to, including workshops, future updates for the emu, and interviews with the original MMO’s devs. The runners of the event have now confirmed in a new press announcement the folks who will be part of that developer interview, and it looks like they have landed some big names.

These original devs will be part of a panel called Behind the Tooniverse: 20 Years of Toontown, which will feature former Schell Games CEO Jesse Schell, former Disney Online Vice President Mike Goslin, Community Manager and Producer Ellen Steuer, and multiple directors who worked on the game, among others.

“This year marks a unique milestone where Toontown Rewritten has been running as long as Toontown Online was before it closed,” says Rewritten Creative Director Joey Ziolkowski. “We’re honored and humbled that so many of these esteemed developers are still invested in the Toontown community, and we can’t wait to mark this special occasion by hearing from the team who made all of it possible.”

This panel will be both in-person and online on Thursday, May 25th, at 8:30 p.m. EDT, while ToonFest is scheduled to run between May 25th and May 28th.

source: press release
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