Diablo IV wants your actual blood – for a good cause, of course

Don't you guys have blood?


It’s not every day that a video game comes after your actual blood, but if there’s a title to do it, it certainly would be Diablo IV. The gore-soaked ARPG just launched into its Season of Blood, after all, but the thirst for vital ichor isn’t contained to just the game world.

Blizzard announced that it’s encouraging its fans to take part in a real “Blood Harvest” through which they’ll attempt to donate 666 quarts (of course) of the red stuff by November 20th. Collectively, that is, not individually. As the Diablo IV community reaches milestones toward this goal, the studio will hand out free rewards to everyone in the game on November 22nd.

The studio said that players can use any blood donation center, as long as the contribution is recorded and logged. “Not only will you be helping someone in need, but you’ll also help earn coveted in-game rewards based upon the total amount of blood donated by all eligible players,” Blizzard said.

Here to convince you to participate is a creepy vampire nurse:

Source: Diablo IV
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