Last Epoch dates roadmap feature previews and other updates arriving in its February full release


This past October, multiplayer ARPG Last Epoch confirmed that it would leave early access on February 21st, 2024, along with a roadmap of updates planned in the run-up to full release. Last month brought a developer update post that took a closer look at planned feature previews as well as other updates players can expect.

Most of what’s shared in the beginning of the post isn’t brand-new: January 11th will bring an in-depth development blog that elaborates more on 1.0’s three item factions, while January 25th will offer a live demonstration of the 1.0 Warlock class, followed by a February 8th preview of the Falconer.

The real meat of the post goes into more detail on other updates planned for full release including an improved new user experience, enhanced visuals for scenes as well as better lighting, a revisit of the Shaman, and some nerfs to echo modifiers alongside a commiserate ramping up of corruption scaling. It’s all been capped off with an updated trailer.

In the meantime, smaller patches continue, with the most recent one applying a small list of bug fixes to the OARPG.

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