The best MassivelyOP live streams of 2023


MassivelyOP’s Stream Team is the jewel in our crown, as our own Chris and MJ – and occasionally Larry too! – dip into MMORPGs to meander through new games and old favorites for hands-on experience with brand-new titles and games they know backward and forward. We’ve carried on with a second year of Backseat Streaming as well – that’s a show where they watch and comment on MMOs they don’t play at all (thereby robbing the Death Counter of his due). And this year’s been wild for both types of stream; we’ve done everything from turn MJ into a Conan Exiles modder and listen to Chris talk about food during downtime to run a real D&D campaign and peer back into Anthem.

To celebrate our streamers and our stream fans in 2023, we’ve picked out our favorite streams, as well as streams of games we played for the first time, and hereby offer them up for your winter holiday entertainment. Enjoy!

Bored on the holiday? Take a peek back through our picks for the best streams from 2022, 202120202019201820172016, and 2015 too!

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