The best Massively OP streams of 2018


Massively OP’s long-running Stream Team, unquestionably captained by MJ and her sidekicks Larry and Andrew, got a welcome surprise this year: Our newest writer, Chris Neal, also has a penchant for streaming! Our little crew teamed up for hundreds of streams this year, some old and some new, providing both stalwart community members and passing looky-loos with an interactive look at some of the games in (and around) our genre. I’ve once again picked out my very favorites from the year, from sunsets and interviews to early access MMO sneak-peeks. If you’re hunting for something fun to watch on the holiday, you’re in the right post!

Star Citizen (and DK’s swanky ship) impress the hell out of us

MJ, Tina, Bree, and Chris do Guild Wars 2

Anniversary fun in Star Wars Galaxies’ Emu

Shroud of the Avatar’s launch

Bree and MJ build a City of Heroes base in Paragon Chat

Ship of Heroes dev tour

A look through ESO’s Summerset

Project Gorgon’s Steam launch

Bless Online re-look

Andrew and MJ dig into Dauntless

Boundless building

Defiance 2050 also happened

Our dev tour of Rend

Saying farewell to Gigantic

Seriously, it’s an MMORPG about art curation

Chris and MJ say farewell to WildStar

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My favorite was the H1Z1 shutdown. I just found it funny and fun. My favorites are always new games. Watching MJ get eviscerated in MOBAs is always good for death counter manufacturers.

Bruno Brito

Best of all was when i played Smite with MJ.

I have a mean Ares


Me lub em all! Can’t always be there but when e do drop’s always fun! Good Job you guys!


The more the better. Its a nice way to see actual gameplay in live action while communicating with streamers to an extent. Now, since you have game archeologist, how about doing some (alive) old games streams a couple times per year? :p

*pictures a streamer getting beaten by an angry shopper in Anarchy Online’s subway*


Lol! Yup. Old games streams are cool. MJ covers some old games. Games that have aged well. EQ, Ultima Online, etc.


I love the streams we need more star citizen and SWG though. Now if Bree could just get MJ to stream some SWG Legends. 🎅


MOP. I love the streams. Love them!

Now, I can’t catch them all because of real life, but when I can I duck in, even if it is for just a few moments in support.

The streams are important. In this overhyped gaming world we live in, it is one of the few ways that we can see a game for what it is worth. Twitch, dare I say it, is now a part of my gaming life now.

And it is fun, MJ and gang do a great job showing us a slice of a game but also, they are fun people to be around.

The collabs with devs, MOP contributors, and others are the cherry on top.

Thank you for doing this. Please keep it up.

And maybe you can post a few clips on Youtube too? It can be a pain, I know as there are only a few of you and MJ is already streaming daily. And crafting and editing even short clips can take some time. But a recap would be informative and it might generate some views on this site and youtube itself.


Hey guys I just want to say I have enjoyed my moments watching you all adventure through many mmo’s I haven’t experienced. I rather think this is a unique format for this magazine. Keep on truckin’!

Patreon Donor

thanks for having me on the stream and glad yall enjoyed my phoenix, i enjoy her too :D too bad we couldn’t get landed at lorville but in a way disconnecting for a patch just as we got within sight maybe increased that anticipation for everyone involved. cheers and merry xmas all!