Massively OP’s 2018 Awards: Best MMO Event of 2018


Massively Overpowered’s end-of-the-year 2018 awards continue today with our award for Best MMO Event, which is sort of a new category for us this year. Previously, we’d doled out awards for best holiday event – those went to Lord of the Rings Online last year and The Secret World the year before – but we wanted to expand the category beyond just holiday events this year to allow more nominations across the whole spectrum of the genre. After all, MMOs aren’t just about mega-updates; plenty of online games revolve around dynamic events, competitive tournaments, and social celebrations, both studio- and player-induced.

The Massively OP staff pick for the Best MMO Event of 2018 is…

Elite Dangerous’s Engima Expedition

​​Brianna Royce (@nbrianna, blog): It’s funny: When Eliot first proposed Elite Dangerous for this award, my first instinct was oh hell no; the most recent event we covered, for example, was basically about how Frontier totally botched the Gnosis storyline, and in past years we’ve seen more than one storyline wrecked by griefers. But then we dug the Enigma Expedition piece out of our archives from last January, and my mind was changed. It’s literally a story of how the Elite community saved one of Frontier’s poorly conceived events from griefers who were literally there trying to disrupt the final voyage of a player dying of cancer. So really, it’s the Elite playerbase that should get this award. Good show, folks.

Chris Neal (@wolfyseyes, blog): Elite Dangerous. Watching the Thargoid menace evolve in Elite: Dangerous over the course of 2017 was fascinating, so I definitely wanted to see what sort of stories would be told this year. Events like the escapades of the Fuel Rats or the folks providing a bulwark against griefers for a dying CMDR’s final voyage certainly stand out in my mind. Runner-up: EVE Online’s CSM Politicking. This story right here? This is the kind of stuff that usually acts as the force that shoves me away from ever wanting to get into EVE again… especially since watching from the outside is infinitely safer from a mental standpoint.

Eliot Lefebvre (@Eliot_Lefebvre, blog): My perception of the best events is a bit skewed, because it’s more about how fun they are to read about rather than how fun they are to play. So I tend to argue in favor of Elite: Dangerous; there was a lot going on in the game this year, and while some of it has been argued to be the result of Frontier not being very good at managing events, it sure was neat to see on display.

Justin Olivetti (@Sypster, blog): Star Trek Online smartly appealed to both Deep Space Nine and Discovery fans with two story arcs. I’ll also toss in LOTRO’s progression server if it fits this category.

MJ Guthrie (@MJ_Guthrie, blog): I have to give best event(s) to Elder Scrolls Online for its prelude to DLC and expansion events. This is prelude done so right everything else is put to serious shame. It isn’t one single event, but both the Summerset and Murkmire prelude events had enough content to feel like a full DLC compared to other games. In fact, I’d done one lackluster expansion prelude event feeling like that’s just how it is, then went and did ESO’s and was blown away. It felt like there was more in the prelude to an expansion than the other game’s expansion had! For runners up, I’d go for a tie with Hi-Rez’s winter expo back in January (sorry, not the November one) and Digital Extreme’s TennoCon. Why? Because I think fan expos are fantastic, and these were a great mix of fan fun and dev interaction. (I felt I could only add ones I attended — other games had some that could have been great, too, I just can’t say for myself.)

How does Massively OP choose the winner?
Our team gathers together over the course of a few days to discuss candidates and ideally settle on a consensus winner. We don’t have a hard vote, but we do include written commentary from every writer who submitted it on time so that you can see where some of us differed, what our secondary picks were, and why we personally nominated what we did (or didn’t). The site’s award goes to the staff selection, but we’ll include both it and the community’s top nomination in our debrief in January.

Elite Dangerous’ Enigma Expedition won our award for Best MMO Event of 2018. What’s your pick?

Reader poll: Which MMO offered the best event in 2018?

  • Elite Dangerous' Enigma Expedition (9%, 29 Votes)
  • EVE Online CSM politicking and multiple wars (3%, 10 Votes)
  • Star Trek Online Deep Space Nine and Discovery story arcs (2%, 8 Votes)
  • WoW's Battle For Azeroth pre-launch storyline (5%, 18 Votes)
  • Guild Wars 2 season 4, rollerbeetle racing, Festival of the Four Winds (12%, 42 Votes)
  • Lord of the Rings Online's Weatherstock (8%, 26 Votes)
  • Black Desert's Celebrating Millions events (1%, 5 Votes)
  • Elder Scrolls Online's free house and free mount events this past fall (42%, 140 Votes)
  • EverQuest II’s Against the Elements (0%, 1 Votes)
  • Chronicles of Elyria’s Searing Plague (0%, 1 Votes)
  • Warframe's Operation Plague Star resurrection (2%, 6 Votes)
  • Nothing (13%, 44 Votes)
  • Something else (tell us in the comments!) (2%, 7 Votes)

Total Voters: 312

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Poll options include all games nominated plus other games we thought had a chance!
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So upon reading the Elite article linked here I felt… torn and, well… ashamed.

So a guy dying of cancer was granted a final passage by the community. So sad for someone to be diagnosed at the young age of 39. So sad for his friends and family. And so sad the behaviour of those griefers.

But then something came to mind; Ob’s Donkey Punch. One of the key members of The Lords of Death. That guy was an absolute a**hole, as is his entire guild. They abused game mechanics, they cheated, they abused trust, they would grief without end, … It is the sole reason for their existence.
Poor guy has died a few years ago. I don’t know the circumstances, but I must admit; I couldn’t care less. I honestly felt the online scene has gotten just a tad bit better. And that’s a very sad thing to say. I’m ashamed for having to admit that those are my feelings, because I don’t ‘wish’ anyone to get cancer. I don’t wish anyone dead.

If LoD was to organise something in his memory in any game I’m playing? I’d grief them without end. I’ll abuse mechanics to annoy them. I’ll go out of my way to ruin the entire event. And so will a ton of other people who had the ‘pleasure’ of knowing him and his guild.

We don’t know DoveEnigme13, yet we so easily condemn and judge the ‘griefers’. Judge not lest ye be judged.

So I feel shame because I know I will stoop to that level myself, simply because he in part was responsible for ruining an entire server. Torn because griefing should never be tolerated, but I now do understand why some would do it.

But doesn’t look like DoveEnigma13 was anything like Obs.


Hmm. Well, the best event I was a part of was the release of the new Warden class in Blade & Soul. What made this event special is that there were three concurrent events and new story content with the release of the Warden.

Everything complimented the introduction of the new class including a free outfit and weapons skins, a free instant 50 voucher and improved weapon and experience upgrades. In one week without grinding or using the level 50 voucher, my new Warden was at cap with legendary gear, running raids, and caught up with the old and the new storyline.

Man, it was fun.

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Schlag Sweetleaf


The Great Gnomeregan 2018.gif
Oleg Chebeneev



I liked STO’s Discovery arc (brief as it is right now) but detested the DS9 arc. Since they were paired up, I had to vote for Nothing instead.


I have a feeling for the second award in a row that “Nothing” is going to take the popular vote.


Okay but seriously Quark’s Lucky Seven was the most I ever laughed for an MMO mission and the final two-parter of the Dominion arc both stayed true to canon and managed to cast one of Trek’s best villains in an even darker, more sinister light.


Especially the part with Leck “Doesn anything ever explode around here!!!”


Oh god Leck was so funny.

My one issue – my single, solitary issue – with that entire arc is that we don’t know if T’ket survived (since dying there would be really anticlimactic for her).


I may be wrong but I think its on purpose, so they have a story path to add around T’ket’s revenge efforts sometime in the future


That is rather my hope. I really liked the Iconian story, and T’ket is a great loose end dangling off it.

I’d love to see the others again some time, too, though preferably not as antagonists.


Star Wars Galaxies Legends Lifeday event is always a blast.


I voted for Nothing on this one. Not because there was actually no good events, but in order to make an intelligent choice, one would have had to play a LOT of MMOs at the exact time the events were taking place.


There weren’t really a whole lot of good seasonal events this year. At least not from the games I dipped into.


Like MJ, I would also vote for Warframe’s TennoCon!