PSA: Transfer your World of Warcraft Classic characters off the Season of Mastery realms before Friday, July 28

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So in case you missed it, the Season of Mastery realms are soon going to be the Season of Deleted. This will not matter much to players who are ride-or-die for World of Warcraft in its retail form, but WoW Classic ride-or-die players who have one of these characters will need to transfer characters off these servers very soon. The servers in question are being removed from selection on Friday, July 28th, and any characters not transferred by that time will be gone forever.

The good news is that the transfers are free, so you can take care of that without worrying about your bank balance even a little bit. The bad news is that… well, you don’t have much time left. Get in there and get that done now, because if you leave that as something you should probably do soon and then Friday rolls around, you’ve missed your chance.

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