Old School RuneScape releases its newest quest line Desert Treasure II The Fallen Empire


It’s been nearly 20 years since Old School RuneScape players visited the Mahjarrat and its mysterious people in the Desert Treasure quest. At long last the sequel is upon us, as the new grandmaster quest line Desert Treasure II: The Fallen Empire has now gone live in the sandbox MMORPG.

“In Desert Treasure II, players will embark on an epic quest as they journey through four new areas, battling four fearsome new bosses to gain access to an ancient vault and the great riches that lies within. However, opening the vault has the potential to change Gielinor forever!”

The four boss fights in question promise distinct abilities and mechanics that will require players to come up with new strategies to face, while rewards on offer include four new best-in-slot rings, a fully upgraded Ancient Sceptre that gets stronger with every defeated boss, and a chance at one of four pieces of a unique two-handed axe designed to take down the toughest foes.

More details have been offered in the latest patch notes, along with some recent fixes for a few bugs that arrived with the update’s release.

sources: press release, official site
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