Elite Dangerous dates Update 16 for August 1, releases an updated launcher, and halts investigation of some bugs


It’s been some time since headlines have come out of the internet spaceship playground of Elite: Dangerous, but this week has seen a few things of note to report on as Frontier moves to the game’s latest update, discusses issue tracker closures, and talks up its newly updated launcher.

We begin with that launcher update, which went live last Monday… and subsequently arrived with some problems including an installation loop bug that got fixed shortly after and a problem with displaying live content that is still not fixed as of this writing.

The other major news piece out of the game is the upcoming arrival of Update 16. The initial announcement scheduled the patch release date for July 31st, but that date was pushed back slightly to August 1st instead. Content for this patch isn’t detailed, but release timing has been nailed down, with servers going offline at 3:00 a.m. EDT, the update’s patch notes going live at that same time, and the patch itself becoming available at 11:00 a.m. EDT.

Finally, the latest news roundup confirms that three issue tracker investigations are being closed by Frontier Developments: An anti-aliasing bug is now being closed after multiple Odyssey updates, a problem with the launcher simply hanging upon close is receiving “no further action […] into a resolution,” and investigations into lowered FPS coinciding with lowered GPU/CPU utilization are being halted.

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