Wizard101’s latest patch delivers the Crying Sky raid, plus name- and gender-swapping


Wizard101’s latest patch has arrived to punch up the summer for the little kids and big kids and yes grown-ass adults too (more power to you) playing KingsIsle’s top MMORPG. The Crying Sky Raid update promises “new features to enhance gameplay, including an eagerly anticipated new guild boss challenge, increased customization options including name and gender changing, and new PvE and PvP events,” the studio says.

“The highly anticipated Crying Sky Raid is the heart of this update, a brand-new guild boss challenge that will push even the most experienced wizards to their limits. In this thrilling team raid for max-level wizards, players will return to the ruins of the world of Azteca, fighting a cult of insane dinosaurs in an epic battle against a Cosmic Horror. The raid adds a fresh dimension of strategy and collaboration to the game, offering exciting raid gear and other rewards, such as new gear, pets, and jewels for taking on the unprecedented puzzle challenges.”

KingsIsle further promises a batch of new names (so you can properly take advantage of the name-swapping features), updates to the boss fight challenge mode, and new rewards and tweaks for Beastmoon Hunt and Monster Mayhem.

Source: Official site, press release
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