PSA: You can get the Destiny 2 Legacy Collection free on the Epic Games Store right now


With underperforming revenues, staff layoffs, plummeting player counts, and an expansion delay until next summer, Destiny 2 is ending 2023 on a downward trend. Yet down is not fully out, and there is hope where you look for it. In fact, Epic Games Store is kicking off its annual daily free games promotion with free copies of Destiny 2’s Legacy Collection.

The Legacy Collection builds upon the free base game with three additional campaigns: The Witch Queen, Beyond Light, and Shadowkeep. This does not include this year’s Lightfall expansion, nor does it include the delayed 2024 expansion either, but it’s pretty much all the rest of the big releases.

If you don’t have those and you’re a Destiny 2 fan who has the game installed through Epic, it’s a no-brainer to snap them up. You’ll want to note that you have until December 20th to take advantage of the promotion, however.

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