Kickstarted VR MMO Zenith is plotting a 2.0 overhaul guided by six core design pillars

I'm sure it's fine.

VR MMO Zenith has a new blog post out from developer Ramen VR, promising to shake up the game with “fundamental changes” in a “massive 2.0 update” guided by “Do Right By The Player” principles.

“In the coming weeks, we’ll release a post which outlines some of the rationale for why we’re making big changes in the game,” Ramen says. “Our goal is to build 2.0 into an experience that you will enjoy. In order to do that, we are gathering user feedback and running playtests all of the time. In fact, we’ve already been running playtests on 2.0 to get as much data as we can.”

The studio doesn’t actually outline what the specific changes are, but it does discuss the core design pillars behind the patch:

  • All players of all skill levels should feel powerful
  • Everything should be more fun with friends (more grouping, less griefing)
  • Fun should happen sooner (less grind, simpler systems, tighter gameloop)
  • Novelty should be emphasized (potentially through loot and progression)
  • The game should remain easy to learn but hard to master (rewarding playtime and practice)
  • The game should focus on VR first and foremost (which, as PC players still waiting on the desktop client promised during Kickstarter might argue, was already the case).

Ramen is promising a “more details on a NDA Closed Alpha soon(™)” on whatever the new build turns out to be.

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