Destiny 2 peak player concurrency hits a new all-time low on Steam


Bungie has already acknowledged the deep player disappointment in Destiny 2, but now we’re all able to see at least a part of that greater picture thanks to SteamCharts, which illustrates how player numbers on Steam have cratered to their lowest figures in years.

The last 24 hours saw over 37K players online and over 27K players in-game at the moment of this article’s writing – a drop of concurrency that started in October and has continued through the past 30 days, and the lowest 24-hour peak in the game’s full history on the platform, which was never lower that 60K until now.

These data are also significant considering that the Lightfall expansion brought a new concurrency high and sales that ‘surpassed expectations’ for Bungie – right up until studio leadership said revenues missed a later mark by 45%.

Obviously this is only data from Steam and doesn’t reflect player numbers across console platforms, but considering the woes that have besieged both the game and its developers, the numbers are hardly surprising.

source: Steamcharts via Forbes
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