Fractured Online hopes to restore its player cities today after nasty weekend hack


There’s no doubt that it has been hard times at the Fractured Online ranch this past weekend. This early access sandbox endured a nightmare of seeing its player-created cities wiped out in a flash after some hackers infiltrated the servers. The good news is that the MMO and its cities should be restored today — and may already be by the time you read this.

Lead developer Jacopo Gallelli thanked everyone for the outpouring of support in this situation, saying, “The amount of supportive messages and displays of appreciation I’ve received from the community, ranging from guild masters speaking on behalf of groups to single players has been simply incredible. Hell, even people on r/MMORPG are extremely positive about the game when discussing this incident. This kind of support is exactly what we need to push on with optimism.”

CEO Jacopo Gallelli then cheekily followed that up with, “Love you all ❤️ (but the hackers).”

Source: Discord
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