EA suffers major data breach while CDPR says its own breach targeted more than just source code

"It's been a bad day for security in games," MOP's Andy sighed in team chat earlier today, and unfortunately, he's quite right. For starters, EA...

Blizzard is already cracking down on Diablo II Resurrected modders and hackers

Apparently, Blizzard has decided to crack all the way down on the modding community that's popped up around Diablo II: Resurrected. Following the technical alpha...
Good job, guy!

Red Dead Online hackers are attacking with spooky scary two-headed skeletons

It's always nice to think that while hackers are destroying your game experience and generally making an unfounded nuisance out of themselves for no...

Serious EA data breach exposes 1,600 FIFA 20 accounts

There is nothing quite like that gut-wrenching feeling when you hear a story about a data breach and then have to do that quick...

Cheating cheaters and the online video game companies that fight them

I'm so tired of cheaters in video games. Well, I mean, also cheaters at life, but we're on a video game website, so today,...

Grapeshot Games is working to combat Atlas hackers

It's been a bit of a rough start for Grapeshot Games's open-world survival MMO Atlas since it launched late last month, and it's clear...

Rockstar Games levels lawsuit against Australian Grand Theft Auto V cheat creators

It's certainly not uncommon these days to hear of game studios taking action against the authors of hacks and cheats for their games, but...
Oh my.

New Bless Online producer’s letter tackles optimization issues and hacking

The saga of Bless Online's turbulent Western release (which we dove into last week) continues with a new producer's letter posted today, this time...
The archer was in such a rush she forgot to get dressed.

TERA races to shore up chat vulnerability

That nasty little loophole in TERA's chat that hackers were exploiting was patched up over the weekend. En Masse deployed a hotfix on the...
The joke here is that the dungeons for this game were miserable slogs.

WildStar, Blade and Soul, Aion, and Lineage II come under DDoS attacks

Hackers launched an offensive against NCsoft yesterday, targeting several of the company's MMORPGs in a series of DDoS attacks. WildStar, Aion, Lineage II, and...

MMOs you’ve never heard of: Mad World, XAOC, and Moirai

Welcome back to our series on MMOs and other multiplayer games you you've never heard of! Tonight we have three to highlight. Mad World Mad World...

Heroes and Generals orders a tactical strike on cheaters

The World War II MMO Heroes and Generals is fighting more than just the Nazis this week. The team announced that it was performing...
Like this, but airborne.

Grand Theft Auto Online has a nasty new money-stealing hack floating around

EVE Online: "No one can have a more toxic player culture than ours!" GTA Online: "Hold my beer."

Blizzard cracks down on Overwatch aimbot cheaters

OK, cheaters, listen up. You're jerks, you're ruining the game for everyone, you're wasting developer time, which means you're wasting everyone's money, you're not...

World of Warcraft thieves are using a new chat script to scam players out of gold

World of Warcraft players beware: There's a new scam going on that requires a little bit of gullibility and action on the part of the...

Hacker breaks into APB: Reloaded CM’s account, goes on minor crime spree

APB: Reloaded's community manager learned the hard way about the importance of account security, as her account was hacked over the weekend. "Yes, my forum/game...

Flameseeker Chronicles: Why wave-ban Guild Wars 2 cheaters?

Last week, our very own Bree Royce summed up a response given by ArenaNet's Chris Cleary to a self-confessed hacker on the game's subreddit...

Elder Scrolls Online permabans scores of cheaters

There are few things more aggravating in online games than to clearly see people use hacks to cheat their way into riches and power,...
How dare you be dishonest back at me!

Black Desert’s most common hacking tool appears to be bundled with a keylogger

Vigilante justice rarely works out in the long run. Delivering pain to match pain just creates an unceasing, spiraling cycle. But with all of...

The Division exploits send it ‘heading for catastrophe’

It's hard not to understate how bad the situation is in The Division right now. Over the last few weeks, stories and reports have...